Conscious Style at Superette

The term sustainability has become a bit confusing over the past few years. It’s taken on various meanings and there is a whole heap of information, both honest and dishonest, out there in the world.

For us here at Superette sustainability is all about making conscious and considerate choices. It’s about investing in quality products that are built to last you for years and even decades to come. It’s also about being aware of what is going on in the fashion industry and making the best decisions we can with the info on hand. The fashion industry’s contribution to global warming is increasingly well-documented. It’s not something that’s going to be solved easily or by one brand, but we are committed to engaging with this difficult subject and taking steps to lessen our impact.

Some of our amazing brands are doing some pretty cool things to create innovative products and make conscious decisions.


Sustainably made since 2006, Bassike was using the term well before it was considered ‘cool’. For Bassike sustainability means treating people and the planet with respect, lightening our environmental impact and constantly evaluating how they do that. They produce their collections with intention, integrity and longevity in mind.

Organic Cotton

Bassike exclusively uses organic cotton jersey - developed by Bassike and made in Melbourne, Australia. They’ve spent years perfecting it, and have it spun and knitted to our exact specifications. The yarn is global organic textile standard (gots) certified, ensuring it contains a minimum of 95% certified organic fibres. organic cotton has many benefits - it’s biodegradable, produced without pesticides and most (about 80%) of the global crop is rain-fed. It’s also better for the climate according to the soil association, as by building soil fertility, organic farmers help lock in co2. our cotton jersey is pre-shrunk and can be thrown straight in the washing machine, making it easy to care for over time and able to be worn again and again.

Wool & Cashmere

Wool on it’s own is a natural, breathable and renewable fibre with low environmental impact. Bassike ensures their Italian suppliers source from non-mulesed animals. Bassike’s cashmere is of the highest quality, and is ethically sourced from inner Mongolia, where we work with a vertical operation for full transparency. because our suppliers own their own farms, dye labs and garment knitting factory, we can be confident in every step of the process. their supply chain is go green certified.

Zero-waste processes

Globally, less than 1 per cent of used clothing is currently recycled into new clothing, while fast fashion often ends up in landfill after just a few wears. the production process is also wasteful, with excess, offcut and oversupplied fabrics typically destroyed. In contrast, Bassike’s jersey production is zero-waste. In 2018, 97% of the jersey fabric we purchased was used to make Bassike garments. Of the small remainder, 2% was cut into rags and donated to local mechanics, while 1% was held in stock for future garment production.

Fair and Ethical Workplaces

All of Bassike’s tier one (garment manufacturing factories) and major tier two suppliers (fabric and yarn) have signed their code of conduct, committing to uphold our fair and ethical workplace standards. Each of these suppliers has also been personally visited, inspected and audited by the Bassike team to ensure they meet their code of conduct regulations including fair labour conditions, workplace health and safety, and environmental impact.

P.E Nation

At P.E Nation, they are continuing their journey to produce conscious fashion, valuing sustainability and protection of the planet.

With the belief that sustainability, now, more than ever is a responsibility that we all share, P.E Nation created Our Conscious Nation which seeks to raise awareness and offer transparency around their commitment to holistically implementing meaningful and sustainable business practices, in order to reduce their impact on the environment, across every aspect of production, right through to packaging and delivery.

Their 100% organic cotton tanks and tees launched in July 2019 and are closely followed in August by their first sustainable capsule featuring Vita Power by Carvico, a type of fabric pioneered in Italy made of ECONYL® regenerated Nylon, which boasts a 4-step closed loop regeneration process. By Q1 2020, P.E Nation have endeavoured to have half of their range constructed in line with Our Conscious Nation ethos, proudly executing an already significant improvement on our environmental impact, with more to come.

They are continuously building on our sustainability practices, in-line with further advancements in the field of innovative fabric development.

Viktoria & Woods

Sustainable Textiles

Since Viktoria & Woods was founded in 2004, the use of sustainable fabrications has been an intrinsic part their brand; including certified organic cottons, merino wool and bamboo blends. They work closely with their suppliers and partners on sustainable practices throughout the supply chain. Wherever possible, Viktoria & Woods source textiles that are high quality, planet friendly and trace our natural material to their source.

Everlasting Designs

Viktoria & Woods proudest commitment to sustainability is our passion for enduring design. They value qualities such as timelessness, beautifully crafted finishes and simple modern designs. They design with the intention that you will hand down to loved ones and friends and that each piece has the versatility and ability to be worn year round.

Ethical Accreditation

Viktoria & Woods is predominantly and proudly made in Australia and accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA). Any designs that are made outside Australia, must also meet specific audits, which means fair working wages and conditions are met both locally and offshore.


ESSE Studio’s sentiment is be mindful, be sustainable and consume consciously. They deliver slow release editions with the intention of investing in less but making sure they are right. Small capsule collections that are designed to be the innovative interpretations of essentials that you need every day.


Aesthetically, it is a classic and never dates. Echoing their sentiment for investing in pieces for longevity. Functionally, the time-honoured fabrication is built to last and age well. Our premium denim is sourced from Italy, working closely with these suppliers to develop the denim especially for ESSE. This denim has been yarn-dyed naturally with real indigo using the leaves of the Indigofera plant. The denim fabric has been finished by hand, It is a natural characteristic of denim to soften, adapt and subtly fade over time. This will add to the individuality of each piece. The garments have been designed to age well. With longevity in mind, the denim is not precious. It is designed to function, to be lived in. All ESSE’s denim pieces are made in Australia.

Cotton Shirting

The perfect complement to tailored denim and always the quintessential classic staple. Crisp cotton shirting is modern refinement. ESSE’s premium cotton is sourced from Italy. We sourced this cotton from our Italian partners to ensure the highest of quality. All our cotton shirting pieces are made in Australia.


No wardrobe should be without staple knitwear pieces. These garments are designed for ease and comfort - every day modern essentials. The yarn selected is of the highest quality to ensure there is durability in each piece. All our knitwear pieces are made with ESSE’s partners in China, working closely with specialised knitwear manufacturers.


Knickerbocker is a factory born brand. Their start came in 2012 at the heels of what was left of a 60 year old manufacturing company by the name of Watman Headwear Corp. With the acquisition of their factory Knickerbocker picked up where they left off and journeyed down a new path. First established as a private label manufacturer they later introduced a label of their own.

Their goal was simple then and remains so today. Knickerbocker strongly believes in transparency and sustainability. They believe it is their responsibility to the consumer, to the environment and to the industry to operate in such manner. Their actions are focused on supporting a movement towards ethical supply chain solutions around the world. It’s about asking questions, challenging ourselves and the community around us. By collaborating with vendors around the world their goal is to open up more opportunities for sustainable manufacturing.

Producing in America has always been a priority and a core value of Knickerbocker’s. With this in mind we must also not lose sight of their goal in having minimal negative impact on the environment, a strong standard for working conditions and creating sustainable product. Over the past seasons they have made the effort to travel the world in search of new opportunities with factories and suppliers who they can confidently support. With new partners they plan to further develop Knickerbocker’s product offerings by introducing new textiles and production techniques from accredited manufacturers in Portugal and Europe.